About Me

Who am I?

I am Jacob BenKinney, the professional communicator you’ve been looking for. What is a professional communicator you may ask?

The title I use was built up from years of experience and learning leading me to a place where the standard job titles for my field don’t quite fit. You would most commonly hear the work I do associated with a digital marketing specialist or small business marketing specialist, but the truth is that my expertise is bringing your message to your target audience, and I haven’t limited myself to just the digital world as a way to do that.

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What are some of the ways you can help my project or business online?

Need to step up your online presence to better connect with new clients and help your business stand out?

I’ve got you covered in a multitude of ways when it comes to building a web platform to reflects your goals. The largest of these is that I can build a custom website catered to your needs that stands out in search engines like Google (we call this SEO), runs fast, has clean user interfaces, and of course reflects your unique branding. After all, your business is special, your website should be too.

In addition to building websites, I’ll help flesh out those websites with written web content such as blogs or edit content you create to polish it before publication. Other options include writing for your email campaigns, newsletters, or scripts for videos. Training with programs such as Adobe InDesign and Photoshop also allow me to craft diagrams, graphics, and logos to support your digital presence.

If you already have an existing website that isn’t living up to expectations, I’m happy to lend my expertise as a consultant to take what’s there and elevate it to a new level. You won’t even need to switch from your current host or website service provider if you prefer!

How about offline?

Of course, there’s more to marketing than just a web presence, and this is where I’ve chose the title Professional Communicator rather than brand myself purely as a digital marketing specialist. Physical content may not be as prominent as it once was, but it still provides a critical service to just about any business or project, even those focused on operating solely online.

Many of the skills I utilize online began from honing their real-world counterparts. I’ve trained in writing, research, graphic/document design, and traditional marketing, and continue to improve my abilities in these areas.

By working with me, you don’t need to seek out another specialist to cover additional projects like posters, business cards, or print graphics designs. This saves you valuable time and cuts back on stress by streamlining the process, with the adding benefit of ensuring more consistency across your brand or project.

What are you like beyond the desk?

I grew up on a farm, which instilled in me the firm values of hard work, dedication, and critical thinking. In a rural field when a tool breaks, there’s often no time to run to town for a new part without wasting the day. As a result, I’ve learned to innovate when the obvious answer isn’t the best answer, a skill I’ve taken with me into other aspects of my life from writing to marketing. Sometimes the obvious answer can be the ideal option, but in many cases, there is a creative solution out there that will fit better.

I’m an animal and nature lover with a passionate creative side. This is usually expressed with storytelling in the fantasy or sci-fi genres, but sometimes through artwork, photography, or gaming. As a creative writer, I have a drive to help others with their writing when I can. In college this led to becoming an officer of the campus creative writing club and the literary editor of the SCOP, a literary magazine that accepts submissions from across the world. Today, I still work with other writers one-on-one or in small groups to provide editing, idea brainstorming, or to simply offer encouragement.

I look forward to working with you.